In the recent times of crime building up against children and specially more of such cases being highlighted where young children are abused or sexually exploited, a Chandigarh based Non Profit Organization with the name of Prasanchetas Foundation, is aggressively working in the direction of Promoting Child Health and Safety. In one of its major initiative to spread this awareness and sensitivity against Child Abuse, they organized number of events, this weekend at various locations across the Tricity inclusive of an Event with the name of:

“Shades of Childhood” (a drawing competition) was held at the prime locations of VR Punjab Mall on 17th Nov’18 (Saturday) and at Elante Mall on 18th Nov’18 (Sunday) with some prime objectives.

*Provide an opportunity to the young children between the age of 3 years to 12 years, to express their fears and most importantly safe love.

* Each drawing was Evaluated by Psychological and Art Experts to understand if any sort of problem or matter of concern was there to be addressed to promote Child Safety.

* Participatory Students were also awarded prizes for the most meaningful and expressive drawings as per their respective group category, i.e. Junior and Senior respectively.

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