A non-profit organization working to bring about a change for happier, healthier and winning lives.

Who We Are:

A  Non Profit Company registered under Section- 8(1).

-Vision & Mission

  • Vision- To bring about a change for happier, healthier and winning lives
  • Mission- Empower , Children ,Youth, Women, Elderly, Veterans and create a Green  and Peaceful  world through Education and Literacy.

What We Do

Employability and Livelihood Education and Literacy Skill Development &Training
Entrepreneurship and Leadership Awareness and Sensitization Peace Building & Environment conservation

About The Directors

Mrs. Manjula Sularia Thakur

A renowned philanthropist, life skills coach and motivational speaker wherein she has been working consistently to support various social causes and eradicate some major social evils for which she has been acknowledged time and again for her noble contributions towards the upliftment of the society.

She has also been recognized as one of the Upcoming Women Entrepreneurs of the Country, has also been acknowledged and awarded as the Most Active Women Entrepreneur of Chandigarh Region.

Eventually to take forward her social endeavors and work for the upliftment and empowerment of the less privileged,  she came up with her own non profit company with the name of ‚ÄúPrasanchetas Foundation‚ÄĚ

Mrs. Geeta Sularia

A warm hearted and benevolent lady and a phenomenal business women of having
run a manufacturing set up for over 2 decades. As a great administator she has always put in special efforts in
taking care of both personal and professional needs of her employees and keep them inspired by creating an
employee friendly environment. She has always gone out of the way, supporting the needs of her factory workers
and also her domestic workers by getting their regular free health check-ups done, supported the cost of any
medical treatment or any other surgeries to be done for the individual or for anybody else in the family. Mrs.Geeta
has even sponsored the education of the children of many of her workers. To take forward all these philanthropist
intentions of her and to create a stronger impact in the lives of the less privileged ones, she partnered as a Director
of Prasanchetas Foundation.

*Some of the projects undertaken for social upliftment individually by Manjula in the recent past :

  • Spreading the Awareness Against Child Abuse
    • Wash (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene ) In Schools (WINS)
  •   Addressing the crucial concerns in Kashmir
  •   Self Defense against Crime
  • Upliftment of less privileged women from slums & rural backgrounds
  • Shaping future & lives of the less privileged students
  • Beti Bachao, Beti padhao
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Health and Mental Wellness Workshops for Defense Personnel
  • Digital India 
  • Youth employability & entrepreneurship
  • Promoting Spirit of Volunteerism

-Press Releases