Today when across the globe, people are acknowledging the role, efforts, contribution and the whole soul existence of a woman in all its forms of being a daughter, wife, daughter in law, mother, mother in law and even working professional.  To acknowledge and further boost this versatile spirit of a woman, Prasanchetas Foundation celebrate this special day with a group of less privileged girls from Bapu Dham area. 

 All these girls are students, while some go to school and many are taking their lessons from open school, due to lack of financial support and other resources to attend regular classes at school.

To make this women’s day really special for these girls and to unleash the inner strength of being a woman of tomorrow, volunteers from Prasanchetas Foundation, who also happen to be students at the Panjab University came forward to train these girls with the skills of making some home decor items with the waste items.

Apart from skilling the girls were also made to participate in some fun activities, which were carried out in the local park of Bapu Dham to enhance their confidence and motivate them.

 Such an environment of openness and freedom  further added to the spirit of willingness, such that all the learning were well received and the all the girls wholeheartedly participated in all the tasks and fun games.

 Also one of the prime aspect of this whole event was, where 3 girls were sponsored their examination fee to appear from the open board.

All these experiences, boosted the morale of these girls with self confidence, self esteem and most importantly self responsibility for one’s own growth and progress in life and be more skilled, more capable and more versatile in one’s actions and roles in life as a girl of today and a woman of tomorrow.

Eve of Women’s Day was felt and celebrated in the spirit of Freedom and Cheer by the Girls at Bapu Dham

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