While most of us are complaining  that the youth of today is not responsible, who is actually paying attention to the unsaid and unheard pressures of the youth, adding all the more to their stress.

In this direction, on the occasion of international youth day to promote mental health and stress free living amongst the youth, Prasanchetas Foundation organized a special workshop for nearly 300+ youth from the villages and backward areas but on the same happen to be the students of classes 9th to 11th from Govt Model Senior Secondary School, Khuda Ali Sher.

The session began with an open house interaction, where the students shared their wows that exams and specifically board exams are a major reason of stress in their lives and all the more which couples this stress is the tension of clearing the exams with a good score.

To help students change their outlook towards this aspect of exams and the related pressures, all the 300+ students were involved in a task to induce self confidence within them followed by another round of the task to promote self esteem and the last round was to instil mutual respect and cooperation, which helps in real life to emerge out of times of stress and pressure.

We also took up this initiative to inspire the youth by the youth, for which Mr. Rohit Kumar and Mohd. Amzad, very dynamic and inspirational youth who happen to very active NSS Volunteers and have been acknowledged with limca book of records for their outstanding contribution towards societal development and also happen to be president awardees.

Mr. Rohit Kumar and Mohd. Amzad, were invited as special invitees to come and address the concerns of the youngsters and help them find solutions to their problems by correlating it with the life of these two youth ambassadors, who happen to be from very humble families and government school students, but have surely made a big mark in their lives.

 For which we on behalf of Prasanchetas Foundation, also acknowledged the efforts Mr. Rohit Kumar and Mohd. Amzad, by presenting them a momento to each one of them, to be a part of this event and make it grand success by instilling more confidence and hope amongst the youth to overcome exam pressure.

In the end, Manjula, the Director of Prasanchetas Foundation concluded the session by emphasizing the students to be more organized and balanced in life by adopting very essential skills of prioritizing and following a calculated and specific time table.

The International Youth Day Celebrations to Inspire the Youth by the Youth

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