Prasanchetas Foundation Inaugural

 Marked as Celebrating International Yoga Day

Yoga is the Indian heritage of peace and harmony and to mark the inheritance of our culturally and linguistically diverse nation, the International Yoga Day was celebrated as the Inaugural Event of Prasanchetas Foundation on 21st June, 2018 at Butterfly Park, Sector 15, Chandigarh under the flagship of Ms. Manjula Sularia, Director of Prasanchetas Foundation, along with the accomplished facilitators, volunteers and participants of Martial Arts.

The day was celebrated with complete zeal and excitement to reinforce the impact of Yoga- a peaceful and calm sports to create a balance in the lives of the young practitioners of Taekwondo, the ones observing an extremely aggressive and physically strenuous sports.

In the morning session, the Taekwondo students performed a variety of Yoga exercises and special meditation techniques were taught by Master B S Handa, Black Belt 6th Dan. People around the areas were entertained too and even they joined hands to be a part of the session.

This event was conducted to promote and develop the holistic approach to health and well being wherein the participants were taught various yoga postures and asanas such as surya namaskar , vajra asana, adho mukha svanasana, balasana, virabhadrasana, trikonasana aimed to help them experience the benefits of  expanding their perception of life from individuality to universality. The experience was not just limited to the exercise but to discover a sense of oneness with self, the world and the nature.

 Along with practicing yoga, meditation was also the chief aspect of the event. Considering that practicing meditation is necessary for one to withstand the current overburdened and stressful lifestyle. The participants were made to refocus themselves by closing their eyes, during which an imaginative journey in the garden of peace and tranquility was undertaken as the meditation process.  

As a token of gratitude mementos were presented by Ms. Pooja Sharma from Prasanchetas Foundation to the facilitators and volunteers were acknowledged with appreciation certificates. Last but not the least, completing the cycle of maintaining a good health, the Prasanchetas Team also distributed nutritious refreshments amongst the participants.     

Considerably, the event was the beginning of the monumental steps to be further undertaken by Prasanchetas Foundation to fulfill one of its objectives of offering a possibility for people of all age groups, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds to experience health and meditation benefits.

International Yoga Day

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