It was an Independence day of its own kind, where the students of Smart Wonder School Mohali  had this opportunity to meet, greet and express their gratitude to the soldiers at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Mohali for their never ending sacrifices.

These inmates at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for Armed Forces – PRC, who had been once a part of the Indian Armed Forces but now due to any exigency at work or injury in the war, have suffered some permanent damages in the service to the nation. While their bodies have been limited to the wheel chairs, but the souls of these inmates are the most robust and lively.

It was great opportunity for the students of Smart Wonder School, Mohali to seek inspiration from these very courageous and endearing soldiers in form of their one to one interaction with these inmates, where the students also had this freedom to ask questions and clarify their various doubts about life, by seeking answers from these inmates

The students were also made to visit the complete facility of the PRC, Mohali,so as to let them have deeper understanding and sensitization of how these inmates reside there and what skills do these inmates and their families learn and practice to earn for themselves, inclusive of candle making, woollen knitting, etc.

The students expressed their feelings of admiration and gratitude in form of handmade flowers, hand made momento made from waste cutlery along with a handmade card and chocolates.

Also the students expressed their respect and benevolence towards these inmates in form of group salute along with a soulful group song and some mesmerizing dance performances, for which Ms. Manjula, Director- Prasanchetas Foundation had put in special efforts to prepare the students for these performances.

It was an event to facilitate connecting the chords  between the 2 diverse segments of the society and help getting both the ends associate with each other and  understand each other’s perspective.

In the end all the special efforts put in by these students were well acknowledged by all and were later served with some refreshments.

Independence Day Celebrations with the Indian Soldiers at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre

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