The abode of peace and serenity, with fascination of beauty and tranquility, is always under the threat of various external factors which some or the other way, devastate the solitude of the locale. But still in the intense environment of uncertainty, we were able to bring out the joyous faces among the people.

We would like to share our experience of the two days workshop with the youth at the Youth Skill Centre, Boniyar in Kashmir where the students were pursuing various vocational skilling programs

 Day 1 was an extravagant experience where the young college going students and local youth of same age, willingly contributed their participation in our session. It was not difficult to unleash their reluctance because we made them feel comfortable by developing a rapport with them and gradually made them participate in some interesting exercises to build up their Self Confidence & Self Esteem.

 In addition to induce the practical implication of all these aspects, the youth were engaged in various daring tasks and made to narrate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in form of self portraits. Eventually these youngsters came up with some of the most significant learnings’ of self awareness, self realization, self responsibility and self dependence within themselves.

  • Next day was again with the same youth, wherein it was absolutely amazing to see those same students with a more open approach of bringing out their inner self  conscience and share some of their deep secrets which was otherwise difficult  for them to reveal. We also tried to reflect and realize the various wrong and unethical practices prevalent in Kashmir and were simultaneously made to understand the need and ways to improve the situations by being involved in various productive practices to enhance employability and work opportunities in Kashmir.

For the young girls we conducted a separate session to counsel them on the need to be self confident and most importantly be well educated so as to keep up one’s own self respect and dignity.

On the other side we facilitated all the boys to prepare role plays on some National Festivals and Family Celebrations. During all the role plays the boys narrated that real essence of any sort of celebration lies in togetherness along with peace and harmony, by overcoming all sorts of differences.

These interactive sessions with the youth resulted in openness and receptiveness from their end, as earlier they were hesitant in opening their minds and accepting the outer perspective, at the end they were self aware of the prevalent situations and wanted to channelize their efforts towards a positive change.

Experience with the Local Youth in Kashmir

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