In the recent past we happened to be in the blissful environment of Kashmir Valley, where we also got this opportunity to know more about the tremendous and commendable work the Indian Army is doing for not only protecting and safeguarding the lives but also for educating the local students from the valley in special schools, commonly known as Army Goodwill School.

On the same we on behalf of Prasanchetas Foundation, got this opportunity of meeting and facilitating sessions for the adolescent students of classes 8th and 9th studying at the Army Goodwill School in  Boniyar, Kashmir.

  • In the abode of silence and serenity, these young powerhouses of energy emitted the spark of the upcoming unstoppable generation and were oozing with enthusiasm.
  • To channelize their energies in a positive direction and guide them with the right, these teenagers were made to  participate in different practical games and exercises to inculcate within them the essential skills of:
  • being goal oriented,
  •  prioritizing,
  •  managing time, B
  • overcoming distractions and
  • being respectful towards each other.


  • A remarkable response was witnessed in the confidence, doubts, queries and level of understanding of the students, especially amongst the girl students, who were much more aware and participative as compared to the boys.
  • While addressing these adolescent students on various aspects of life, we tried putting in special efforts to satisfy some of the most crucial concerns in lieu of their attractions towards the opposite gender. Where we shared and discussed some of the most natural phenomena of teen years by elaborating various concepts of sex education, hormonal changes and simultaneously instilling more of gender sensitization.
  • Immediate impact of these sessions could be witnessed in terms the clarity of the various stages of adolescence and related changes which further helped them to shape up their vision for their own focused goals and a progressive tomorrow.

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