The most sublime and the influential experience in Kashmir Valley was working with “The Indian Army”, the motivators in itself, most courageous and daring personalities and all together Our Real Heroes.

 It was all together a matter of pride and honor of facilitating these Army Personnel, posted in locations in the most hard locations in the LOC areas.

The prime motto of our workshop was to instill more of positivity, encouragement, motivation and facilitate these Army men and make them feel little at ease or relieved from all the stressful times in which they operate all the while.


We tried creating an environment of openness and harmony for these army men, where they were specifically provided with number of opportunities to openly share and express their opinion w.r.t. to various aspects related to

•             life in army

•             their relations with the civilians,

•             support extended from the government and further improvements desired.

We also added to the session some stimulative games which were on team building and developing of trust, where they all showed up how strong and supportive is the unity in Indian Army Soldiers. They also expessed their dedication towards their Nation, shouting out the slogans “bharat Mata ki jai”, veer jawano ki jai ho, humari jai ho”  which was a much enriching experience

The most interesting and exciting part of this session were the moments of cheer and goodness, wherein these men in uniform danced to the tune of various regional songs and the most importantly when all of them joined in together to tap their feet to the exciting song of “Rang de basanti”.


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