Summers are beautiful, so is witnessing a persona undergoing a blossoming period. This is what happened at the 10 Days’ Summer Camp, which was held at Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School Sector 15, Panchkula organized by Ms. Manjula (Director), and her fellow volunteer Vandna on behalf of Prasanchetas Foundation, from 4th to 13th  June 2018.

Learning while growing is common, but learning to grow is a new concept that was visualized in this camp.

The camp has primarily led to an overall development of the personality of the participants through leading transformation, unique in its own way, spreading its wings beyond the basic teaching to life skills training, as tutored by the life skills coach, Ms. Manjula Sularia.

Moreover, creative activities like dance and music were made a part of this camp, to make it more enjoyable for the girls, such that they felt themselves free to express their true emotions extending out of their comfort zone. Thus, now it can be deduced that such freedom of emotional expressions would become a basic part of their personality statement throughout.

Other engaging activities including painting, poetry recitation and story-narration, proved to be a new venture for the girls. As their true expressions of self confidence and excitement was evidently visible on the girls’ faces.

Whereas, practical demonstrations as Yoga and Meditation were conducted to instill a state of peace and calm the young minds. The session provided the participants to understand and realize the need of practicing the same for intellectual wellbeing.

The exercises instilling creative skills amongst the young girls include enacting like an animal, making flowers from plastic waste; dolls from newspaper, stone paintings were among the harbingers of creativity among these girls.

The session on self defense piqued the girls’ interests and as would further help them in coping with the scenario of molestation or attacks against personal safety. The practical demonstrations and techniques helped them to understand and practice the art of Self Defense. 

Tree plantation activity was an environment friendly activity, where trees were planted by the girls, from digging the pits, sowing the seeds and planting the little plants and girls were guided to take good care of the trees on daily basis, and the girls were even performing the given duties, as the date stood on the end of summer camp.

The benefits girls yielded from this camp were more than just performing these fun packed activities. Above everything, these girls were able to have a completely different episode in their respective lives, through a life skills training, rewarding the hottest month of Indian season and undergoing a complete change in the focus of how their personality should be viewed either by themselves or the society.

Prasanchetas Foundation Empowering Girls: A 10 Days’ Summer Camp Program

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