On this World Population Day, i.e. on 11th June’18, we on behalf of Prasanchetas Foundation, once again wanted to do something to instil sensitivity and create awareness about the extremely damaging effects of over population which happens to be increasing at an alarming rate of hundred million in every fourteen months.

On the same in a country like India, where majority of the girls get married between the age of 15 years to 19 years. Further due to lack of education or absolute ignorance these immature girls keep delivering babies, adding all the more to the uneducated and misguided human count of the nation. Due to which the need of food, need of work, need of safety, need of everything a person needs to stay happy in this world is increasing rapidly and most aggressively.

To avoid further crisis, some major initiatives need to be taken to control this population explosion and in this direction only, we organized this session to impart more awareness amongst the youth and specially educating the girls and young women on the right age of marriage and effective ways of family planning.

To pursue this objective, a 2 hours session was organized at Bapu Dham, in Chandigarh, where a group of nearly 50 girls from the less privileged segment were involved in some fun games so as to make them realize the damaging effects of over population and the dire need to control this population which would also help in promoting the health and safety of women.

To further instil sensitization towards the health and safety of women, the girls were involved in a simulative exercise wherein they shouted out slogans along with expressive gestures to depict the fact that:

हर परिवार की है जिम्मेदारी…

स्वस्थ रहे अब नारी…

अब नहीं होनी चाहिए कोई लाचारी…

Eventually the session was closed on a sweet note, with chocolates for all the participants. The participatory girls were not only excited but also much more aware and conscious regarding the need of having smaller families and most importantly practicing their basic rights of being well educated and self dependent so as to contribute to control of population.

जनसँख्या पर रोक लगाओ, विकास की धार बढ़ाओ!!!

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