The main theme of this whole event was to avoid young girls from refraining from school and not being regular in their studies due to shortage of basic school supplies, which could be felt and so intensely reflected in the fulfilling smiles of the girls, who received donations as books, colors, school bags and uniforms.

Manjula Sularia, Director Prasanchetas Foundation welcomed and expressed her heartfelt  gratitude, to each of the donor, volunteer and supporter who came up wholeheartedly to support this bigger cause of enabling our girls to be regular at school and not left out from their basic right to education, just due to deficiency of basic school supplies.

Manjula, also updated all present for the mass kanjake, about one of the prime mission of Prasanchetas Foundation to Promote Child Health and Safety and the various efforts being put in by herself personally and her team to work out solutions to defend our children and specially girls against the demons of child abuse, stereotypes and social taboos.

Team Prasanchetas has already worked with lacs of students, to spread the awareness and educate the masses in the direction of promoting:

  • prevention, intervention and remedial measures against child abuse
  • health and hygiene with WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program
  • MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) to sensitize the girls and boys
  • gender sensitization
  • sex education

The efforts of all the volunteers who had contributed to make this mass kanjake program a very significant and purposeful event for all, were acknowledged as certificates of appreciation handed over by Manjula, Director Prasanchetas Foundation.

Lastly, All present for the event, really acknowledged the good work being done by Prasanchetas Foundation and further inspired, many individuals have expressed their willingness to extend their support as donations, volunteering and further spreading the word in this fight to curb these social evils against our children and be a part of this initiative to provide the less privileged girls with a life of respect, dignity and security.

Mass kanjake

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